Published work

I have been very fortunate to be published in both print and online papercrafting magazines.

In chronological order

Inzpira Papercrafting magazine 5/2013 (Print)

Inzpira Papercrafting magazine 6/2013 (Print)

Paperilla papercrafting magazine 1/2013 (Online and print)

Print and online


Life.Paper.Scrapbook March 2014 issue (Online publication)

Scrap365 Magazine June/July 2014 issue (Print)

Paperilla papercrafting magazine 2/2014 issue (Online and print magazine)

Scrap365 Magazine August/September 2014 issue (print) 

Scrap365 Magazine Online issue 2014

Scrap n' Art Magazine September 2014 issue (Online publication)

Scrapbooking Memories Vol 17 no 6 (print)

{entreARTistes} Magazine nr 26 (print)

{entreARTistes} Magazine nr 27 (print)

Scrapbooking Memories vol 18 no 6 (print)

Scrapbooking Memories vol 18 no 7 (print)

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